Panu Poutvaara
Research Fellow

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Poutvaara Panu Poutvaara is Professor of Economics at the University of Munich and Director of the Ifo Center for International Institutional Comparisons and Migration Research.

Poutvaara received his doctorate in 2002 from the University of Helsinki. In 1999-2000, he was Visiting Fellow at Harvard University through Fulbright Program. He worked as Research Fellow at CEBR in Denmark from 2002 to 2005, and as professor at the University of Helsinki from 2005 until September 2010.

Poutvaara's main research interests are in public economics, political economics and labor economics. His main research topics are migration, education, social security, military draft, and electoral competition, including the role of beauty in politics. His work has been published in the Journal of the European Economic Association, European Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Scandinavian Journal of Economics, among other journals. His work has been covered in different media outlets, including the Economist, New York Times, and der Spiegel.

Poutvaara is the the managing editor of the CESifo Economic Studies.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in May 2004.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10003  Kaisa Kotakorpi
Panu Poutvaara
Marko Terviö
Returns to Office in National and Local Politics
9434  George J. Borjas
Ilpo Kauppinen
Panu Poutvaara
Self‐Selection of Emigrants: Theory and Evidence on Stochastic Dominance in Observable and Unobservable Characteristics
8574  Michele Battisti
Gabriel Felbermayr
Giovanni Peri
Panu Poutvaara
Immigration, Search, and Redistribution: A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare
(forthcoming in: Journal of the European Economic Association)
8352  Martin Junge
Martin D. Munk
Panu Poutvaara
International Migration of Couples
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Niclas Berggren
Henrik Jordahl
Panu Poutvaara
The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Their Voters Reward It
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2017, 146, 79–86)
5009  Panu Poutvaara
Olli Ropponen
School Shootings and Student Performance
(forthcoming in: European Journal of Political Economy)
4429  Panu Poutvaara
Andreas Wagener
The Political Economy of Conscription
(published in: Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Mathers (eds.), The Handbook on the Political Economy of War, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011)
4399  Katarina Keller
Panu Poutvaara
Andreas Wagener
Does Military Draft Discourage Enrollment in Higher Education? Evidence from OECD Countries
(published in: FinanzArchiv, 2010, 66 (2), 97-120)
4235  Kaisa Kotakorpi
Panu Poutvaara
Pay for Politicians and Candidate Selection: An Empirical Analysis
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2011, 95 (7-8), 877 - 885)
4144  Panu Poutvaara
Martin D. Munk
Martin Junge
Self-Selection and Earnings of Emigrants from a Welfare State
3984  Erkki Koskela
Panu Poutvaara
Is There Scope for Gains from Revenue-Neutral Labor Tax Reforms with Flexible Outsourcing?
3763  Mikael Elinder
Henrik Jordahl
Panu Poutvaara
Selfish and Prospective: Theory and Evidence of Pocketbook Voting
(published as 'Promises, Policies and Pocketbook Voting' in: European Economic Review, 2015, 75, 177–194)
3699  Erkki Koskela
Panu Poutvaara
Flexible Outsourcing and the Impacts of Labour Taxation in European Welfare States
3522  Erkki Koskela
Panu Poutvaara
Outsourcing and Labor Taxation in Dual Labor Markets
3498  Amihai Glazer
Vesa Kanniainen
Panu Poutvaara
Firms' Ethics, Consumer Boycotts, and Signalling
(published in: European Journal of Political Economy, 2010, 26 (3), 340-350)
3023  Panu Poutvaara
The Expansion of Higher Education and Time-Consistent Taxation
(published in: European Journal of Political Economy, 2011, 27 (2), 257-267)
2859  Vesa Kanniainen
Panu Poutvaara
Imperfect Transmission of Tacit Knowledge and Other Barriers to Entrepreneurship
(published in: Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 2007, 28 (4), 675-694)
2812  Panu Poutvaara
Mikael Priks
Hooliganism and Police Tactics: Should Tear Gas Make Crime Preventers Cry?
(published in: Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2009, 11 (3), 441-453)
2710  Panu Poutvaara
Mikael Priks
Unemployment and Gang Crime: Could Prosperity Backfire?
(published as 'Unemployment and gang crime: can prosperity backfire?' in: Economics of Governance, 2011, 12 (3), 259 - 273)
2666  Panu Poutvaara
Lars Siemers
Smoking and Social Interaction
(published in: Journal of Health Economics, 2008, 27 (6), 1503–1515)
2616  Niku Määttänen
Panu Poutvaara
Should Old-Age Benefits Be Earnings-Tested?
2559  Marko Koethenbuerger
Panu Poutvaara
Rent Taxation in a Small Open Economy: The Effect on Transitional Generations
(published in: International Tax and Public Finance, 2009, 16 (5), 697-709)
2478  Panu Poutvaara
Public Education in an Integrated Europe: Studying to Migrate and Teaching to Stay?
(published in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2008, 110 (3), 591–608)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Niclas Berggren
Henrik Jordahl
Panu Poutvaara
The Looks of a Winner: Beauty, Gender and Electoral Success
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2010, 94 (1-2), 8-15)
2277  Volker Grossmann
Panu Poutvaara
Pareto-Improving Bequest Taxation
(published in: International Tax and Public Finance, 2009, 16 (5), 647-669)
2022  Katarina Keller
Panu Poutvaara
Andreas Wagener
Military Draft and Economic Growth in OECD Countries
(published in: Defense and Peace Economics, 2009, 20 (5), 373-393)
1918  Topi Miettinen
Panu Poutvaara
Political Parties and Network Formation
1903  Panu Poutvaara
On Human Capital Formation with Exit Options: Comment and New Results
(published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2008, 21 (3), 679-684)
1889  Amihai Glazer
Vesa Kanniainen
Panu Poutvaara
Income Taxes, Property Values and Migration
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92 (3-4), 915-923)
1831  Marko Koethenbuerger
Panu Poutvaara
Paola Profeta
Why Are More Redistributive Social Security Systems Smaller? A Median Voter Approach
(published in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2008, 60 (2), 275-292)
1729  Panu Poutvaara
Social Security Incentives, Human Capital Investment and Mobility of Labor
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2007, 91 (7-8), 1299-1325)
1612  Axel Dreher
Panu Poutvaara
Student Flows and Migration: An Empirical Analysis
(published as "Foreign Students and Migration to the United States" in: World Development, 2011, 39(8), 1294-1307)
1559  Panu Poutvaara
Andreas Wagener
To Draft or Not to Draft? Efficiency, Generational Incidence, and Political Economy of Military Conscription
(published in: European Journal of Political Economy, 2007, 23 (4), 975-987)
1426  Amihai Glazer
Vesa Kanniainen
Panu Poutvaara
Initial Luck, Status-Seeking and Snowballs Lead to Corporate Success and Failure
1413  Panu Poutvaara
Andreas Wagener
Why Is the Public Sector More Labor-Intensive? A Distortionary Tax Argument
(published in: Journal of Economics, 2008, 94 (2), 105–124)
1408  Panu Poutvaara
On the Political Economy of Social Security and Public Education
(published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2006, 19 (2), 345-365)
1195  Panu Poutvaara
Tuomas Takalo
Candidate Quality
(published in: International Tax and Public Finance, 2007, 14 (1), 7-27)
1178  Panu Poutvaara
Juha Tuomala
What Is Left to Residual Claimants? The Empirics of Income Reported by Entrepreneurs and Workers