Mirjam C. van Praag
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van Praag Prof Dr C. Mirjam van Praag is Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Professor of Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics. Besides she holds an unpaid position as a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organization in the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam. She is also a Crown Member of the Socioeconomic Council (SER) of the Dutch government.

Van Praag's research, that is widely published in international academic journals, studies Economics of Entrepreneurship (e.g., Human Capital, Teams, Entrepreneurship and the Household) often using (field or natural) experiments. Besides entrepreneurship, she is also an active researcher in the field of Personnel Economics (performance measurement and rewards) and Behavorial Economics.

In the past, Mirjam was employed as a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, as a financial analyst with Procter & Gamble and as a research consultant with GFK Intomart. She has served as a non-executive member on various boards, both in the public and the private sector. Mirjam was the founding director of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship. Mirjam van Praag was trained an econometrician (MSc and Phd UvA).

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in August 2006.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
11018  Mirjam C. van Praag
Arvid Raknerud
The Returns to Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Matched Person-Firm Data
11017  Diego Zunino
Mirjam C. van Praag
Gary Dushnitsky
Badge of Honor or Scarlet Letter? Unpacking Investors' Judgment of Entrepreneurs' Past Failure
10498  Ahmad Barirani
Randolph Sloof
Mirjam C. van Praag
The Origins and Extent of Entrepreneurial Action-Orientedness: An Experimental Study
10278  Matthew J. Lindquist
Joeri Sol
Mirjam C. van Praag
Theodor Vladasel
On the Origins of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Sibling Correlations
(Revised version available here: http://www.tinbergen.nl/discussionpaper/?paper=2663)
10104  Vera Rocha
Mirjam C. van Praag
The "Entrepreneurial Boss" Effect on Employees' Future Entrepreneurship Choices: A Role Model Story?
9919  Vera Rocha
Mirjam C. van Praag
Timothy B. Folta
Anabela Carneiro
Entrepreneurial Choices of Initial Human Capital Endowments and New Venture Success
9612  Jörg Claussen
Eszter Czibor
Mirjam C. van Praag
Women Do Not Play Their Aces: The Consequences of Shying Away
8577  Martin Koudstaal
Randolph Sloof
Mirjam C. van Praag
Risk, Uncertainty and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment
8429  Eszter Czibor
Sander Onderstal
Randolph Sloof
Mirjam C. van Praag
Does Relative Grading Help Male Students? Evidence from a Field Experiment in the Classroom
([revised version])
8237  Laura Rosendahl Huber
Randolph Sloof
Mirjam C. van Praag
Jacks-of-All-Trades? The Effect of Balanced Skills on Team Performance
8186  Michael S. Dahl
Mirjam C. van Praag
Peter Thompson
Entrepreneurial Couples
7044  Sander M. Hoogendoorn
Simon C. Parker
Mirjam C. van Praag
Ability Dispersion and Team Performance: A Field Experiment
(Revised version available here)
6740  Matthew J. Lindquist
Joeri Sol
Mirjam C. van Praag
Why Do Entrepreneurial Parents Have Entrepreneurial Children?
(Revised version available here)
6731  Sander M. Hoogendoorn
Mirjam C. van Praag
Ethnic Diversity and Team Performance: A Field Experiment
(Revised version available here)
6512  Laura Rosendahl Huber
Randolph Sloof
Mirjam C. van Praag
The Effect of Early Entrepreneurship Education: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
(revised version available here, published in: European Economic Review, 2014, 72, 76-97)
6200  Chihmao Hsieh
Simon C. Parker
Mirjam C. van Praag
Risk, Balanced Skills and Entrepreneurship
6166  Peter Berkhout
Joop Hartog
Mirjam C. van Praag
It's the Opportunity Cost, Stupid! How Self-Employment Responds to Financial Incentives of Return, Risk and Skew
(published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 40 (2), 249-268)
4628  Mirjam C. van Praag
Arjen van Witteloostuijn
Justin van der Sluis
Returns for Entrepreneurs vs. Employees: The Effect of Education and Personal Control on the Relative Performance of Entrepreneurs vs. Wage Employees
4245  Mirjam C. van Praag
Who Values the Status of the Entrepreneur?
(published in: Handbook of Research on Innovation And Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2011)
4211  Robin Douhan
Mirjam C. van Praag
Entrepreneurship, Wage Employment and Control in an Occupational Choice Framework
3648  Joop Hartog
Mirjam C. van Praag
Justin van der Sluis
If You Are So Smart, Why Aren't You an Entrepreneur? Returns to Cognitive and Social Ability: Entrepreneurs versus Employees
(published in: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2010, 19 (4), 947-989)
3641  Hessel Oosterbeek
Mirjam C. van Praag
Auke IJsselstein
The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurship Competencies and Intentions: An Evaluation of the Junior Achievement Student Mini-Company Program
(published as "The impact of entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurship skills and motivation" in: European Economic Review, 2010, 54 (3), 442-454)
3064  Randolph Sloof
Mirjam C. van Praag
Performance Measurement, Expectancy and Agency Theory: An Experimental Study
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008, 67 (3-4), 794 - 809)
3058  Justin van der Sluis
Mirjam C. van Praag
Arjen van Witteloostuijn
Why Are the Returns to Education Higher for Entrepreneurs than for Employees?
3054  Kees Cools
Mirjam C. van Praag
The Value Relevance of Top Executive Departures: Evidence from the Netherlands
(published in: Journal of Corporate Finance 13(5), 721-742)
3014  Mirjam C. van Praag
Peter H. Versloot
What Is the Value of Entrepreneurship? A Review of Recent Research
(published in: Small Business Economics, 2007, 29 (4), 351-382)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Mirjam C. van Praag
Bernard M. S. van Praag
The Benefits of Being Economics Professor A (and not Z)
(published in: Economica, 2008, 75 (300), 782-796)
2382  Simon C. Parker
Mirjam C. van Praag
The Entrepreneur's Mode of Entry: Business Takeover or New Venture Start
(published as 'in: Journal of Business Venturing, 2011, [Article in Press] )