Timothy J. Hatton
Research Fellow

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Hatton Tim Hatton is Professor of Economics at the University of Essex, and a Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research. His research interests include the causes and effects of international migration, the integration of immigrants, and immigration and asylum policy. He is coauthor (with Jeffrey G. Williamson) of Global Migration and the World Economy (MIT Press, 2005). He has also worked on a variety of topics in the economic history of labour markets, including the measurement and determinants of unemployment, regional labour market integration, women's economic activity, poverty and the welfare state. He is currently researching the links between poverty, health and heights in Britain and Europe before the welfare state.
Tim Hatton joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 1999.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
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8248  Timothy J. Hatton
Public Opinion on Immigration: Has the Recession Changed Minds?
8128  Roy E. Bailey
Timothy J. Hatton
Kris Inwood
Health, Height and the Household at the Turn of the 20th Century
(published in: Economic History Review, 2016, 69(1), 3553)
7985  Timothy J. Hatton
The Slump and Immigration Policy in Europe
(published in: P. Bevelander and B. Petersson (eds.), Crisis and Migration: Implications of the Eurozone crisis for perceptions, politics, and policies of migration, Nordic Academic Press 2014, Lund, Sweden, Chapter 2, 25-47)
7866  Joseph Ferrie
Timothy J. Hatton
Two Centuries of International Migration
(published in: Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller (eds.): Handbook on the Economics of International Migration, 1A)
7004  Timothy J. Hatton
Refugee and Asylum Migration to the OECD: A Short Overview
(published in: A. F. Constant, K. F. Zimmermann (eds.), International Handbook on the Economics of Migration, Edward Elgar 2013, Cheltenham, UK, and Northampton, USA, Chapter 24, 453-469)
4932  Timothy J. Hatton
Infant Mortality and the Health of Survivors: Britain 1910-1950
(published as 'Infant mortality and the health of survivors: Britain, 191050' in: Economic History Review, 2011, 64 (3), 951-972)
4900  Timothy J. Hatton
The Cliometrics of International Migration: A Survey
(published in: Journal of Economic Surveys, 2010, 24 (5), 941969)
4306  Timothy J. Hatton
Richard M. Martin
Fertility Decline and the Heights of Children in Britain, 1886-1938
(published in: Explorations in Economic History, 2010, 47 (4), 505-519)
3314  Timothy J. Hatton
Richard M. Martin
The Effects on Stature of Poverty, Family Size and Birth Order: British Children in the 1930s
(published in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2010, 62 (1), 157-184)
3042  Paul Frijters
Michael A. Shields
Timothy J. Hatton
Richard M. Martin
Childhood Economic Conditions and Length of Life: Evidence from the UK Boyd Orr Cohort, 19372005
(published in: Journal of Health Economics, 2010, 29 (1), 39-47)
2538  Timothy J. Hatton
Andrew Leigh
Immigrants Assimilate as Communities, Not Just as Individuals
(published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2011, 24 (2), 389-419)
2146  Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson
A Dual Policy Paradox: Why Have Trade and Immigration Policies Always Differed in Labor-Scarce Economies?
(published in T.J. Hatton. K. H. O'Rourke and A. M. Taylor (eds.), The New Comparative Economic History: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey G. Williamson, Cambridge Mass: MIT Press, 2007)
1721  Timothy J. Hatton
European Asylum Policy
(published in: National Institute Economic Review, 2005, 194 (1), 106-119)
1304  Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson
International Migration in the Long-Run: Positive Selection, Negative Selection and Policy
(published in: D. Snower (ed.) Labour Mobility and the World Economy, Kiel: Kiel Institute for World Economics, 2005)
1230  Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Policy in Europe
(published in: D. Snower (ed.) Labour Mobility and the World Economy, Kiel: Kiel Institute for World Economics, 2005)
830  Timothy J. Hatton
Emigration from the UK, 1870-1913 and 1950-1998
(published in: European Review of Economic History, 2004, 8 (2), 149-171)
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Barry R. Chiswick
Timothy J. Hatton
International Migration and the Integration of Labor Markets
(published in: M. Bordo, A. Taylor, J. Williamson (eds), Globalization in Historical Perspective, NBER Conference Report, 2003, 65-119)
250  Timothy J. Hatton
Jeffrey G. Williamson
Demographic and Economic Pressure on Emigration out of Africa
(published in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2003, 105 (3), 465-486)
81  Timothy J. Hatton
Stephen Wheatley Price
Migration, Migrants and Policy in the United Kingdom
(published in: Zimmermann, K. (ed.), European Migration: What Do We Know? Oxford University Press, 2005)