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too h Goerke Laszlo Goerke studied economics, history and politics at the University of Hamburg and the University of Warwick. He received his degree in economics (Diplom-Volkswirt) from the University of Hamburg in 1991 and his doctoral degree in 1995, based on a thesis on strikes and private information. Subsequently, he was an HCM research fellow at the University of Southampton. From 1996 to 2002 he was research associate and assistant professor at the University of Konstanz. In July 2000 he completed his postdoctoral habilitation on Taxes and Unemployment. From 2003 to 2006 Laszlo Goerke was professor of economics, particularly economic policy, at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, and from 2006 to 2011 professor of public economics at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. In 2012 he became head of the economics division of the Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Community (IAAEG) at the University of Trier.
Laszlo Goerke has published numerous articles in international journals such as Labour Economics, Economics Letters, International Tax and Public Finance, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Oxford Economic Papers and the International Review of Law and Economics. He co-authored a German-language textbook on labour economics and published the book "Taxes and Unemployment: Collective Bargaining and Efficiency Wage Models".

His current research interests include the labour market effects of the welfare state, the economic analysis of trade unions, tax evasion, and the economic analysis of law.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 1998.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10820  Laszlo Goerke
Michael Neugart
Social Comparisons in Oligopsony
10335  Laszlo Goerke
Sick Pay Reforms and Health Status in a Unionised Labour Market
(published in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2017, 64(2), 115-142)
9395  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Direct Evidence for Income Comparisons and Subjective Well-Being across Reference Groups
(revised version published in: Economics Letters, 2015, Vol. 137, 95-101)
7936  Jörn Block
Laszlo Goerke
José María Millán
Concepción Román
Family Employees and Absenteeism
(published in: Economics Letters, 2014, 123 (1), 94-99)
7471  Laszlo Goerke
Inga Hillesheim
Relative Consumption, Working Time, and Trade Unions
(published in: Labour Economics, 2013, 24, 170-179)
6925  Laszlo Goerke
Profit Sharing and Relative Consumption
(published in: Economics Letters, 2013, 118 (1), 167-169)
6777  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Trade Union Membership and Sickness Absence: Evidence from a Sick Pay Reform
(revised version published in: Labour Economics, 2015, 33, 13–25)
5222  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Trade Union Membership and Dismissals
(revised version published in: Labour Economics, 2011, 18 (6), 810-821)
3351  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Risk Aversion and Trade Union Membership
(substantially revised version published as 'Risk Aversion, Collective Bargaining, and Wages in Germany' in: Labour, 2012, 26 (2), 156 - 173 )
3141  Laszlo Goerke
Unemployment Insurance Savings Accounts and Collective Wage Determination
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3003  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Heinrich W. Ursprung
A Positive Theory of the Earnings Relationship of Unemployment Benefits
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2635  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Trade Union Membership and Works Councils in West Germany
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2239  Laszlo Goerke
Corporate and Personal Income Tax Declarations
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2232  Laszlo Goerke
Earnings-Related Severance Pay
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962  Laszlo Goerke
Markus Pannenberg
Norm-Based Trade Union Membership: Evidence for Germany
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937  Wolfgang Eggert
Laszlo Goerke
Fiscal Policy, Economic Integration and Unemployment
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701  Laszlo Goerke
Jakob B. Madsen
Earnings-Related Unemployment Benefits in a Unionised Economy
(published in: Economic Systems, 2003, 27 (1), 41-62)
382  Laszlo Goerke
Tax Evasion in a Unionised Economy
148  Laszlo Goerke
Employment Effects of Labour Taxation in an Efficiency Wage Model with Alternative Budget Constraints and Time Horizons
71  Laszlo Goerke
The Wedge
(published in: Manchester School, 2000, 68(5), 608-623;
see IZA Reprints 59/00)
55  Laszlo Goerke
Value-added Tax versus Social Security Contributions
(published in: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 1999, 219 (3/4), 308-325)