IZA is actively involved in the production of international academic journals in labor economics and related fields.
In 2012 IZA has launched with Springer Verlag a new journal series owned by IZA consisting of five open access field journals:
  • IZA Journal of Labor Economics
  • IZA Journal of Labor Policy
  • IZA Journal of Migration
  • IZA Journal of Labor & Development
  • IZA Journal of European Labor Studies
Open access publishing provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of research articles by everyone interested. This implies that there are no subscription charges to access the content of these journals.

The Research in Labor Economics series is co-edited by IZA staff members. It was extended to two volumes per year with one volume remaining in the tradition of the series with empirical and theoretical papers in labor economics and a second volume being more policy-oriented, in the spirit of IZA's focus on policy aspects of labor economics.