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Die IZA Discussion Paper Series (ISSN: 2365-9793) nimmt eine zentrale Rolle unter den IZA-Publikationen ein. Die Discussion Papers machen wichtige Forschungsarbeiten von IZA-Mitarbeitern, Research Fellows und Affiliates Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit gleichermaßen zugänglich. Beiträge zur Discussion Paper Series müssen unseren Veröffentlichungsrichtlinien entsprechen. Die Volltext-Dateien lassen sich per Click auf das PDF-Symbol anzeigen.
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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10931 Paola Giuliano Gender: An Historical Perspective Juli 2017 Abstract
10930 Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change Juli 2017 Abstract
10929 Marianna Battaglia, Bastien Chabé-Ferret, Lara Lebedinski Segregation and Fertility: The Case of the Roma in Serbia Juli 2017 Abstract
10928 Michael A. Clemens Violence, Development and Migration Waves: Evidence from Central American Child Migrant Apprehensions Juli 2017 Abstract
10927 Matloob Piracha, Massimiliano Tani, Guy Tchuente Immigration Policy and Remittance Behaviour Juli 2017 Abstract
10926 Badi H. Baltagi, Ying Deng, Xiangjun Ma Network Effects on Labor Contracts of Internal Migrants in China: A Spatial Autoregressive Model Juli 2017 Abstract
10925 Manuel Sanchez, Felix Wellschmied Modeling Life-Cycle Earnings Risk with Positive and Negative Shocks Juli 2017 Abstract
10924 Liugang Sheng, Dennis T. Yang Offshoring and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from China Juli 2017 Abstract
10923 Duha T. Altindag, S. Elif Filiz, Erdal Tekin Does It Matter How and How Much Politicians Are Paid? Juli 2017 Abstract
10922 Tirthatanmoy Das, Solomon Polachek Micro Foundations of Earnings Differences Juli 2017 Abstract
10921 Armin Falk Status Inequality, Moral Disengagement and Violence Juli 2017 Abstract
10920 Stefanie Fischer, Heather Royer, Corey White The Impacts of Reduced Access to Abortion and Family Planning Services: Evidence from Texas Juli 2017 Abstract
10919 Jorge Balat, Nicholas W. Papageorge, Shaiza Qayyum Positively Aware? Conflicting Expert Reviews and Demand for Medical Treatment Juli 2017 Abstract
10918 Nicolas R. Ziebarth Social Insurance and Health
(Short version forthcoming as a book chapter in: Baltagi, B. H. and Moscone, F. [Eds.] (2017): Health Econometrics in Contributions to Economic Analysis, Emerald Publishing, 1st Edition.)
Juli 2017 Abstract
10917 Susan L. Averett, Sabrina Terrizzi, Yang Wang Taking the CON out of Pennsylvania: Did Hip and Knee Replacement Patients Benefit? Juli 2017 Abstract
10916 Susan L. Averett, Julie K. Smith, Yang Wang Minimum Wages and the Health of Hispanic Women Juli 2017 Abstract
10915 Antonio Di Paolo, Aysit Tansel Analyzing Wage Differentials by Fields of Study: Evidence from Turkey Juli 2017 Abstract
10914 Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson, Martin Nybom, Björn Öckert The Rising Return to Non-Cognitive Skill Juli 2017 Abstract
10913 Jeffrey T. Denning Born Under a Lucky Star: Financial Aid, College Completion, Labor Supply, and Credit Constraints Juli 2017 Abstract
10912 Russell Weinstein Employer Screening Costs, Recruiting Strategies, and Labor Market Outcomes: An Equilibrium Analysis of On-Campus Recruiting Juli 2017 Abstract
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