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Die IZA Discussion Paper Series (ISSN: 2365-9793) nimmt eine zentrale Rolle unter den IZA-Publikationen ein. Die Discussion Papers machen wichtige Forschungsarbeiten von IZA-Mitarbeitern, Research Fellows und Affiliates Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit gleichermaßen zugänglich. Beiträge zur Discussion Paper Series müssen unseren Veröffentlichungsrichtlinien entsprechen. Die Volltext-Dateien lassen sich per Click auf das PDF-Symbol anzeigen.
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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11015 Alexander Konon, Alexander S. Kritikos Media and Occupational Choice September 2017 Abstract
11014 Shaimaa Yassin, François Langot Informality, Public Employment and Employment Protection in Developing Countries September 2017 Abstract
11013 Julien Albertini, Jean-Olivier Hairault, François Langot, Thepthida Sopraseuth A Tale of Two Countries: A Story of the French and US Polarization September 2017 Abstract
11012 Piotr Lewandowski, Marek Góra, Maciej Lis Temporary Employment Boom in Poland: A Job Quality vs. Quantity Trade-off? September 2017 Abstract
11011 Andrea Bassanini, Federico Cingano Before It Gets Better: The Short-Term Employment Costs of Regulatory Reforms September 2017 Abstract
11010 Pierre Cahuc, Sandra Nevoux Inefficient Short-Time Work September 2017 Abstract
11009 Gianni Betti, Lucia Mangiavacchi, Luca Piccoli Individual Poverty Measurement Using a Fuzzy Intrahousehold Approach September 2017 Abstract
11008 Steffen Otterbach, Michael Rogan Spatial Differences in Stunting and Household Agricultural Production in South Africa: (Re-)Examining the Links Using National Panel Survey Data September 2017 Abstract
11007 Jeroen Horemans, Ive Marx Poverty and Material Deprivation among the Self-Employed in Europe: An Exploration of a Relatively Uncharted Landscape September 2017 Abstract
11006 Eirini Andriopoulou, Alexandros Karakitsios, Panos Tsakloglou Inequality and Poverty in Greece: Changes in Times of Crisis September 2017 Abstract
11005 Miles Corak 'Inequality Is the Root of Social Evil,' or Maybe Not? Two Stories about Inequality and Public Policy
(published in: Canadian Public Policy, 2016, 42 (4), 367-414)
September 2017 Abstract
11004 Robert M. Sauer, Christopher Taber Indirect Inference with Importance Sampling: An Application to Women's Wage Growth September 2017 Abstract
11003 Francine D. Blau, Lawrence M. Kahn, Peter Brummund, Jason Cook, Miriam Larson-Koester Is There Still Son Preference in the United States? September 2017 Abstract
11002 Robert Duval Hernández, Lei Fang, L. Rachel Ngai Taxes and Market Hours: The Role of Gender and Skill September 2017 Abstract
11001 Angela Cools, Eleonora Patacchini Sibling Gender Composition and Women's Wages September 2017 Abstract
11000 Friederike Mengel, Jan Sauermann, Ulf Zölitz Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations
(accepted for publication: Journal of the European Economic Association)
September 2017 Abstract
10999 Elise de Vuijst, Maarten van Ham Educational Attainment and Neighbourhood Outcomes: Differences between Highly-Educated Natives and Non-Western Ethnic Minorities in the Netherlands September 2017 Abstract
10998 Indraneel Dasgupta, Ranajoy Guha Neogi Decolonization, Property Rights and Language Conflicts September 2017 Abstract
10997 Peter Bergman, Jeffrey T. Denning, Dayanand Manoli Broken Tax Breaks? Evidence from a Tax Credit Information Experiment with 1,000,000 Students September 2017 Abstract
10996 Shimeng Liu, Weizeng Sun, John V. Winters Up in STEM, Down in Business: Changing College Major Decisions with the Great Recession September 2017 Abstract
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