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Die IZA Discussion Paper Series (ISSN: 2365-9793) nimmt eine zentrale Rolle unter den IZA-Publikationen ein. Die Discussion Papers machen wichtige Forschungsarbeiten von IZA-Mitarbeitern, Research Fellows und Affiliates Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit gleichermaßen zugänglich. Beiträge zur Discussion Paper Series müssen unseren Veröffentlichungsrichtlinien entsprechen. Die Volltext-Dateien lassen sich per Click auf das PDF-Symbol anzeigen.
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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10507 Huzeyfe Torun, Semih Tumen Do Vocational High School Graduates Have Better Employment Outcomes than General High School Graduates? Januar 2017 Abstract
10506 Ciro Avitabile, Matteo Bobba, Marco Pariguana High School Track Choice and Liquidity Constraints: Evidence from Urban Mexico Januar 2017 Abstract
10505 Claudia Olivetti, Barbara Petrongolo The Economic Consequences of Family Policies: Lessons from a Century of Legislation in High-Income Countries Januar 2017 Abstract
10504 Alexander Bick, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln Taxation and Labor Supply of Married Couples across Countries: A Macroeconomic Analysis Januar 2017 Abstract
10503 Evelyn L. Lehrer, Yeon Jeong Son Marital Instability in the United States: Trends, Driving Forces, and Implications for Children
(forthcoming in: the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
Januar 2017 Abstract
10502 Francesca Barigozzi, Helmuth Cremer, Kerstin Roeder Women's Career Choices, Social Norms and Child Care Policies Januar 2017 Abstract
10501 Jacobus de Hoop, Patrick Premand, Furio C. Rosati, Renos Vakis Women's Economic Capacity and Children's Human Capital Accumulation Januar 2017 Abstract
10500 Maya Rossin-Slater Maternity and Family Leave Policy
(forthcoming in: the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
Januar 2017 Abstract
10499 Laura Katherine Gee, Xinxin Lyu, Heather Urry Anger Management: Aggression and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods Januar 2017 Abstract
10498 Ahmad Barirani, Randolph Sloof, Mirjam C. van Praag The Origins and Extent of Entrepreneurial Action-Orientedness: An Experimental Study Januar 2017 Abstract
10497 Ernesto Reuben, Krisztina Timko On the Effectiveness of Elected Male and Female Leaders and Team Coordination Januar 2017 Abstract
10496 Daniel S. Hamermesh, Katie R. Genadek, Michael C. Burda Racial/Ethnic Differences in Non-Work at Work Januar 2017 Abstract
10495 Don J. DeVoretz, Nahikari Irastorza Economic Theories of Citizenship? Januar 2017 Abstract
10494 Markus Gehrsitz, Martin Ungerer Jobs, Crime, and Votes: A Short-run Evaluation of the Refugee Crisis in Germany Januar 2017 Abstract
10493 Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih, Walid Marrouch Decision to Emigrate Amongst the Youth in Lebanon Januar 2017 Abstract
10492 Michael A. Clemens The Effect of Occupational Visas on Native Employment: Evidence from Labor Supply to Farm Jobs in the Great Recession
Januar 2017 Abstract
10491 Deniz Karaoğlan, Aysit Tansel Determinants of Obesity in Turkey: A Quantile Regression Analysis from a Developing Country Januar 2017 Abstract
10490 Joachim Marti, John Buckell, J. Catherine Maclean, Jody L. Sindelar To 'Vape' or Smoke? A Discrete Choice Experiment among Adult Smokers Januar 2017 Abstract
10489 Lauren Hersch Nicholas, J. Catherine Maclean The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on the Labor Supply of Older Adults: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study Januar 2017 Abstract
10488 Jenny Williams, Jan C. van Ours Early Cannabis Use and School to Work Transition of Young Men Januar 2017 Abstract
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