Giovanni Facchini
Research Fellow

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Facchini Giovanni Facchini holds a PhD from Stanford University and a Laurea in Economics from the University of Trento. He is currently a Professor of Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and at the University of Milan, a Research Affiliate at the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London, a Research Fellow at the CES-Ifo institute in Munich and the coordinator of the International Migration Program at the Centro Studi Luca díAgliano in Turin. Giovanniís recent research focuses on the processes through which immigration policies are shaped. He has also worked on the income distribution effects of economic reforms and on the formation of preferential trading arrangements. His papers have been published in journals like the Journal of the European Economic Association, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of Public Economics, the Journal of Population Economics and Economic Policy. Giovanniís scholarly activities have been supported by grants from the NORFACE consortium, the European Union and the World Bank.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in January 2011.
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Giovanni Facchini
Yotam Margalit
Hiroyuki Nakata
Countering Public Opposition to Immigration: The Impact of Information Campaigns
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Giovanni Facchini
Tommaso Frattini
What Drives the Legalization of Immigrants? Evidence from IRCA
8457  Giovanni Facchini
Cecilia Testa
The Rhetoric of Closed Borders: Quotas, Lax Enforcement and Illegal Migration
7881  Giovanni Facchini
Eleonora Patacchini
Max F. Steinhardt
Migration, Friendship Ties and Cultural Assimilation
(published in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2015, 117, 619-649.)
7362  Giovanni Facchini
Anna Maria Mayda
Mariapia Mendola
South-South Migration and the Labor Market: Evidence from South Africa
5561  Giovanni Facchini
Max F. Steinhardt
What Drives U.S. Immigration Policy? Evidence from Congressional Roll Call Votes
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2011, 95, 734-743)
3512  Giovanni Facchini
Anna Maria Mayda
From Individual Attitudes towards Migrants to Migration Policy Outcomes: Theory and Evidence
(published in: Economic Policy, No. 56, October 2008, 651 - 713)
3183  Giovanni Facchini
Anna Maria Mayda
Prachi Mishra
Do Interest Groups Affect Immigration?
(published in: Journal of International Economics, 2011, 85, 114-128)
2127  Giovanni Facchini
Anna Maria Mayda
Individual Attitudes towards Immigrants: Welfare-State Determinants Across Countries
(published as 'Does the Welfare State Affect Individual Attitudes toward Immigrants? Evidence across Countries' in: Review of Economics and Statistics, 2009, 91 (2), 295 - 314)